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Whether your client is involved in mediated, litigated, or collaborative divorce, the complex financial issues he or she faces can be a significant cause of stress and insecurity. Delegating the frustrating and tedious financial aspects of the divorce case to a Divorce Financial Analyst can be the best strategy for you and your client to properly address these financial issues, reduce stress and maximize proposed settlement options.

Dr. Darlys S. Harmon-Vaught, CDFA™, CFE, MAFF and CTS can offer your team her expertise acquired from specialized training, numerous advanced certifications in financial analysis, fraud detection and taxation, as well as over 30 years of experience in the financial industry.

As your team’s financial expert, Darlys can provide:

  • Thorough and objective financial analysis of historical lifestyle and budget, corporate benefits, pension plans, tax implications, potential hidden assets, and much more.
  • Completion of the Mandatory Case Disclosure and accompanying documents.
  • Assistance in controlling your client’s financial expectations.
  • Detailed financial reports, graphs and charts, including after-tax cash proposals and net-worth projections.
  • Powerful trial exhibits and expert witness testimony in litigated cases.

Ultimately, employing Darlys as your Expert Witness or Consulting Expert for your divorcing client can help your client feel more confident about the financial decisions that he or she must make and can feel more secure about his or her financial future.

Darlys also provides Continuing Legal Education credits through the Louisville Bar Association.

Of course, the services of a divorce financial analyst complement, but never replace, your client’s need for legal counsel.

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