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Financial Solutions for Divorce does not offer legal advice or tax services. The services of a CDFA™ complement, but do not replace, legal counsel. Financial Solutions for Divorce is a fee based consulting firm and does not sell financial products or services.

CDFA™ Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility (Abbreviated)

The Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility applies to every Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ designee and candidate in conducting divorce-planning work.

1. Integrity: Maintain the highest standard of honesty and integrity when dealing with colleagues, the IDFA™, clients or attorneys. Avoid practices that would dishonor your profession, IDFA™ or any of its members and employees.

2. Competence: In addition to satisfying the continuing education requirement needed to maintain the use of the designation, every CDFA™ should serve their clients competently.

3. Objectivity: Objectivity requires a CDFA™ to be intellectually honest and impartial. Regardless of who hired him or her, a CDFA™ will always be objective when dealing with clients and their attorneys.

4. Fairness: CDFAs™ who maintain their financial practices should make divorce planning recommendations independent of the potential financial planning relationship, doing so will alleviate the risk of potential conflict of interest.

5. Confidentiality; A CDFA™ shall hold client information to the highest standard of confidentiality. Short of client consent or appropriate legal process, a CDFA™ shall not release any information about their client before, during or after the divorce.

6. Professionalism: A CDFA™’s interactions shall project the highest levels of professionalism. Whether dealing with clients, attorneys, IDFA™ or any of its partners or subsidiaries a CDFA™ will behave in a professional manner.

7. Scope: A CDFA™, by education and training, is a specialist dealing in the financial issues of divorce. In addition, a CDFA™ must never market his or her services in a misleading fashion or represent themselves as representatives of IDFA™.

8. Compliance: A CDFA™ will comply with all the laws related to the business they conduct and report to the IDFA™ any actions by other CDFAs™ that are illegal or in violation of this code. In addition, a CDFA™ will comply with any requests from the IDFA™ for information regarding any complaints brought against him or her.

9. Unauthorized practice of law: Under no circumstances will a CDFA™ represent that the IDFA™ certification is a license to practice law.

10. Support: A CDFA™ will not collude, debase or discredit the IDFA™ or the profession.