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Lifestyle Analysis

Lifestyle Analysis

A lifestyle analysis establishes what your standard of living was during your marriage and can reconstruct the day-to-day living expenses incurred during the marriage as well as the spending habits of both you and your spouse. It usually emphasizes the last several years of your marriage. It can include an analysis of all financial statements during that time period which can include an analysis of bank, brokerage and credit card statements in addition to personal and business income tax returns.

This analysis can be critically important to the outcome of any divorce and may be used to determine the division of your assets, maintenance and child support. Omissions and/or errors in the review of these documents can have a significant impact on the financial outcome of your divorce.

A lifestyle analysis can prove to be an incredibly valuable tool for uncovering assets your spouse may be hiding from you or any dissipation of marital assets. The details in the analysis can serve as verification of the net worth, income and expense statements submitted by each spouse, can help a judge determine the amount of your divorce financial settlement and can also help you calculate a future budget for yourself as a single individual/parent.

Let Financial Solutions for Divorce assist you in developing a lifestyle analysis that can be used several ways in your divorce case, whether to understand how much you and your spouse spent for expenses, vacations and household items or to help you be more aware of what your future budget might need to be as a single person/parent in case you do decide to divorce. Darlys can use her experience and education to assist you in developing a lifestyle analysis and can be used in many various aspects of your divorce process.

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